The art of delighting your audience with the right content at the right time

With the overwhelming amount of information we receive daily, our clients are becoming more and more intrigued by quality content that engages them constantly. And they are right. Nothing frustrates a social media audience than being served with content that does not appeal to their interests, content that disregards the time of their online presence, and content that does not aim to provide feasible solutions to their challenges.

At Swiss Progress, a digital marketing agency, our social media managers believe in the importance of feedback and strive to understand the problem by paying careful attention to the audience’s reaction to the content. There could be many a reason that stands against a thriving social media presence. To know the why is the first step towards your flourishing.

Why Choose to Hire a Social Media Manager

Clearing up Confusion

It can be challenging to decide what social media platform(s) you should use. It is the case if you are new to digital marketing. You maybe want to have more awareness around your brand and communicate more transparently with your prospective clients. Yet, what seems daunting is that digital marketing trends are constantly evolving, and you don't know what's best for your clients.

With the help of a social media manager, you can rest assured that an expert is by your side. No matter the stage you are in in your professional journey, a social media manager will be with you right from the start. We will set your media accounts on platforms that your ideal clients are most likely using.

Giving the Gift of Time

Dedicating an amount of time to your social media audience is of quintessential importance. It helps in creating a sense of loyalty, credibility, and reciprocity that lasts. Yet, running any business, small or big, requires taking care of many tasks, leading to a shortage of time. Choosing to hire a social media manager is a great option to take care of your audience while you handle the rest of your business carefree.

Crafting Posts that Appeal to the Hearts & Minds of your Audience

Even if you already know what social media platforms your prospects use, crafting posts that your audience can engage with can be an issue. It is especially the case if writing isn’t your cup of tea. A social media manager’s job is to exactly do that; crafting intriguing posts and posting them when your audience is likely to scroll through social media.

Quality Data Is The Basis

Social media is a valuable source for you to understand, target, and grow your audience. It helps you comprehend your audience's needs, aspirations, values, challenges, and pain points to know how to respond to them.

A social media manager's task is to analyse the data that your social media account provides. Then, he transforms this valuable information into engaging posts to delight and intrigue the audience. The more satiated your audience is, the closer you are to achieving your digital marketing goals.

Our Services to Improve your Social Media

We create social media accounts from scratch to draw more awareness around your brand & business. Social media is where your future clients are and where your credibility and transparency manifest.

We work closely with you to set you a social media strategy that works best for your business, small or big. We base your strategy on your ideal client’s aspirations.

The secret to a successful social media presence is in creating engaging content that taps on your prospects’ challenges to provide solutions in return. Your social media audience is a significant contributor to your brand awareness in how they respond by reacting to the content, commenting on it, sharing it, and tagging people who might be interested.

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