We are a team of passionate web engineers, digital marketing specialists, copywriters, and social media managers, helping companies, big and small, boost their visibility to the next level.

Our Values

At Swiss Progress, we believe that the client is always right. We believe in the importance of feedback for a company's growth and try to make our client's experience as positively memorable as possible. We rely on statistics that are relevant, accurate, reliable, and timeless for our customer-centric approach.

  1. The client is king
  2. Feedback is a gift
  3. Human to Human marketing
  4. Quality Data
  5. Inclusive User Experience is key

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As a leading digital marketing agency, Swiss Progress aims to provide the very experiences our clients need. We rely on data quality to create scenarios of the potential problems they may face to develop solutions that are relevant, reliable, and accurate.


Social Media Managment

Pay-Per-Click & Social Media Ads


Social Media

Pay-Per-Click &
Social Media Ads

Why Choose Swiss Progress For Your Digital Growth

Passion for Personalisation

We strive to provide the services our clients need to move to the next level. We pay careful attention to who our clients are, their lifestyles, and their challenges to surmount their pain points together with confidence and a growth mindset.

Inclusivity is the key

We are always looking for innovative ways to be as close as possible to our clients, wherever they are, and whatever device they use for an optimal user experience. Thus, our aphorism, transcending borders.

The human Behind the stats

We deal with information with great care to tailor solutions to humans, heart-to-heart

Challenges are Opportunities

Our clients are quintessential contributours to who we are. We see their challenges as ours. We strive to see every challenge as an opportunity to grow as a customer-centric company.

Sibel Céline Kayak
Sibel Céline

Swiss Progress est vraiment une très bonne agence de communication. L’approche de celle-ci a été vraiment différente des autres agences rencontrées à Genève, ce qui m’a convaincu. Les résultats sont assez rapides, en bref un package complet et très concret pour qui souhaite développer sa communication. Le suivi de l’équipe et le professionnalisme est au top, merci Swiss Progress.

Nadine Hossam El Din El Guiddawy
Opera gallery

Je suis très satisfaite de la performance de Swiss Progress avec la société où je travaille. L’équipe de Swiss Progress est toujours là pour nous aider à créer des sitewebs et changer leurs contenus.
Leurs conseils dans la HTML nous aident beaucoup à améliorer nos newsletters.
Leur service est très rapide et efficace, je les recommande vivement !!

Alexandre Sarfati
Eternity gallery

Best team ! Thank you so much for all your help
we highly recommend this company and Samy !

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