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Ads have been here ever since humanity, multiplying in their forms and shapes. Advertisements keep evolving alongside civilisation to shape how we perceive the world around us and ourselves. Advertisements follow us whenever we are on our way to work, on the streets, in our homes, in the kitchens, or in the living rooms. Ads are here with us in their plethoric forms to inform us about the latest services that can make our lives, professional or quotidian, easier.

Our world is becoming more and more digitalised, and new ways of advertisement are gaining ground, such as social media advertising and pay-per-click ads. But what are media ads and click ads, and how do they help achieve digital marketing goals?

Exploring Limitless Possibilities

Pay Per Click Ads: What are They?

Pay per click has risen recently as a powerful way of internet marketing. In this type of click ad, advertisers pay a fee every time an ad is clicked. Instead of gaining these visits organically, advertisers can receive visitors to their websites through these paid click ads. Our experts at Swiss Progress work on selecting keywords for PPC ads.

This process is very delicate as it involves creating a varying keywords list. The keywords should be common, less common, relevant, and specific. Varying the keywords helps with achieving excellent targeting results.

Features & Benefits

At Swiss Progress, we proudly offer pay-per-click ads as part of our digital marketing solutions. Here’s how it can be of use to your business:

Thanks to pay-per-click platforms, you are allowed to access valuable information about the ad’s performance. In another sense, you can check whether the number of clicks, conversions, and impressions is increasing or not. That in itself can serve you as feedback if you need to bring any modifications for ad improvement.
Thanks to the unique segmentation feature that PPC marketing offers, better audience targeting is possible. PPC relies on data that comprises demographics (information about ethnicity, language, gender, profession...) for the possibility of reaching the relevant audience.
Click ads also enable retargeting. This feature allows you to re-engage the qualified audience who have visited your website and are aware of your brand. PPC remarketing is a way to help refresh your client’s memory about your brand by targeting current and past clients.
Pay-per-click ads allow you to control the visibility of the ads according to the time and location of your choice. In another sense, you can choose the exact time you want your ad to appear. You can also choose where you want your ad to appear. To better reach your digital marketing objectives, it is also possible to allow the appearance of your ad on many different platforms.

Are there any other digital marketing
advertising options?

Yes, indeed!

Wider Choices for Endless Aspirations

Social Media Ads: What are They?

A more traditional option for ads is social media advertising. Over the recent years, social ads have proven to be a quick and efficient way to target your audience and level up your digital marketing strategy. Media ads rely on user information to provide targeted social media campaigns and tailored advertising content.

Brand Recognition

Sharing social media posts about your brand helps garner more attention and awareness around it. Social media allows a transparent interaction with your clientele which helps build more credibility. Your audience is more likely to contribute to the recognition of your brand the more you interact with them.

Improved Conversion Rate

Social media allows you to share articles and blogs from your website. The more loyalty and credibility your brand reflects, the safer and more at ease your audience feels. Feeling cared for makes online strangers likely to become your website visitors, then your clients, and finally, your ambassadors, helping you realise your marketing objectives.

Lookalike Audience & Custom Audience

Facebook and Instagram provide what is known as lookalike audience and custom audience features. These features allow your ads to target new prospects who are more likely to be interested in your brand. They also help target people who have already interacted with your brand.

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